• Fundraising organization determines the ticket price which would consist of one of the costs below plus an additional amount (determined by the fundraising organization) that would go toward proceeds for the fundraiser.
  • Fundraisers can be scheduled seven days/nights a week.
  • We have an area with tables available for food, beverages, raffles etc.
  • Our studio can accommodate 24 people (Chalk-Pasted Sign fundraisers can accommodate 12 people).
  • We will advertise your fundraiser on social media.
  • We would be happy to entertain any other ideas you may have in mind.

Plastercraft Painting  –  Maximum Price Point Choices:  $15, $20 or $25

Guests choose a piece from our wide selection of plastercraft pieces. We have items that appeal to all ages & interests.

Chalk-Pasted Signs  –  Prices Range from $30 to $50

Guests choose from a variety of surfaces, chalk transfers, chalk paste, hand-dyed wood flowers and embellishments to create their own customized home décor piece. 

Custom Pre-Drawn Canvas Painting (11 x 14)  –  $25 Per Person

This is a popular option for guests who are “intimidated” by a blank canvas. The Studio will pre-draw canvases with an image chosen by the fundraiser organizer.

Artist-Instructed Canvas Painting (16 x 20)  –  $40 Per Person

Our professional artist will demonstrate step-by-step instructions to guide guests in creating their own painted masterpiece. Image is pre-selected by fundraiser organizer.


66 West Street, Mansfield, MA • 774-719-2380

(In the same building as Jack Conway Realtor)

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